Ordine Wins the Compasso d'Oro

Fabita Wins the 27th edition of prestigious Compasso d'Oro

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The hood slides and extends as much as necessary to capture cooking fumes, and then returns back to the starting position.

Movement and operation are made possible thanks to an intuitive gesture, which is also a little bit magical: the speed increases depending on how much the hood is "pulled" towards you.


Thanks to its geometric design combining a wooden structure, copper front cover (the front covering material can be customized) and metal body, it takes up little space on the hob when not in use and can serve as a useful tool bar.


Dimensions (mm) 600
Finish Ash wood and iron
Glass finish Copper
Controls Knob
Lighting Led
Filter Mash
Of air outlet 150
Width (mm) 900


Speed 3+1
Air Capacity IEC 779
Absorbed power (V) 220–240
Noise Level Db(A) 57
Energy level A