Ordine Wins the Compasso d'Oro

Fabita Wins the 27th edition of prestigious Compasso d'Oro

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From € 2200

Where's the hood? An innovative design solution makes it magically disappear.


The linear shelf only serves as an aspiration surface and for this reason it is very thin; the air is conveyed to the two ceramic vases placed on the top, which hide the motor and the electronics.


The wooden shelf, available on request in different wood essences and colors, can be extended with other corresponding shelves, while vases are supplied in terracotta, to maximize the camouflage effect and match the palette and materials chosen for the environment.


Enigma vases are customizable, they arrive rough at your home, but also disassembled: choose the color you like the best and paint them with the right paint!


Dimensions (mm) 900x500
Finish Wood
Glass finish N/a
Controls Touch
Lighting Led
Filter Mash
Of air outlet 112x144
Width (mm) 900


Speed 3+1
Air Capacity IEC 290
Absorbed power 220–240
Noise Level Db(A) 60
Energy level N/a
Vases dimensions (mm) 494x166


Extend 30cm Wood with Led
Extend 90cm Wood with Led