The hood’s "modular" design allows you to choose the dimensions (height and width) according to your needs: aluminum profiles of different length are inserted into the corner elements to form a cube or a parallelepiped with glass facets.


A tailor-made product that offers various possibilities of configuration to customize your own creation.

Pura - Pensile (Cupboard)

Pura – Pensile (Cupboard) further increases the concept of tailor- made, allowing a Pura hood module to be “added” to another cupboard module that can serve as a container.


Dimensions (mm) 430x430x430
Finish Glass-Alluminium
Glass finish Black
Controls Electronic Touch
Lighting Led
Filter Mash
Of air outlet 150
Width (mm) 430


Speed 3+booster
Air Capacity IEC 759
Absorbed power (V) 220–240
Noise Level Db(A) 47-68
Energy level A